What a game it can do in Macau

What a game it can do in Macau

The game has brought many good things to different places and so has in Macau. Macau enjoyed playing fruits from, but the sky of blessings rocketed high when they decided to put an end to the gambling monopoly held by Stanley Ho and welcomed investors from foreign lands. As of today, there are five gambling houses or casinos that are owned by foreigners. This happened in 2003 and since that, profits were pouring in.

There is a forecast that the gambling industry will experience significant growth in Macao this year. Currently, there are 21 legal gambling houses in Macao and they have all helped the government with taxes. The gambling industry has also helped in introducing tourists into their land, with a large number of these tourists visiting Macau for its gambling houses.

Due to the success of the gaming industry, Macau’s economy is growing. However, local employees do not seem to be happy. Their salaries are still low, considering the economic development of Macau. They say that with their low income, they could not afford today’s high prices.

Even if the gaming industry leads to career prospects in gambling houses, there are still plenty of unemployed locals. This is because the owners of gambling houses prefer to hire workers from outside Macao because the cost is cheaper. Some of these foreign workers come from China, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The protests against the worker’s overseas hiring were made by the Macau locals.

To respond to the protests of the locals, the Macao government has reinforced its call to the tycoons of the gambling industry to stop hiring workers from outside Macao. They believe this is the way in which the government, investors and people of Macau could all be happy with the development of the gaming industry. The chief executive of Macao’s Special Administrative Region, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, explains that they will try their best to make locals part of these blessings.

There is nothing wrong with exploring new things such as the gaming industry. It turned out to be very profitable, even though so many people see the game as sin. The game brought money in to Macao and hopefully in the future, the locals will be given their share of this fortune by having them work in the gaming industry, instead of foreign employees. After all, it is their land where this gambling industry is snatching its fruits, so it has site about time to give something new to people.

Cyrillus Hebbleth