TJ Cloutier The Revered Poker veteran

TJ Cloutier The Revered Poker veteran

One true veteran in the pro poker circuit is TJ Cloutier with fifty years of industry experience. Cloutier takes pride in having the status of the biggest poker gainer in the world. His tournament earnings range from over $ 7 million to $ 8 million. He is the only pro who has won in all three variations of Omaha at the Poker world series. The starting hand in Texas Hold’em consisting of Jack-9 of clubs is named after him because in a year Cloutier flopped this hand with three blushes.

Cloutier can have the accomplishments that everyone could only dream of; however, he did not win any major event at the Poker World Series. It has been included in five main four times, which includes its second-place two-place seat. Cloutier also did it twice at the final table of the World Poker Tour; one at the Bicycle Casino and the other at the Reno Hilton.

Cloutier is a well-respected and influential veteran in the industry. His years of exposure and expertise in the poker industry have made him an authority. He has created four books on poker and is a regular contributor / writer of the card player magazine. Cloutier’s sportsmanship was evident from his youth. His inclination to sports activities dates back to his university years.

He attended college at the University of California in Berkeley on the basketball and football bag. Due to his mother’s illness and financial constraints, he quit school. After a while he was drawn into the army and he was here where he learned poker. After his service, not professionally played poker; instead he participated in the Canadian football league. But Cloutier’s football career was short cut due to a knee injury.

Cloutier went back to the United States and opened a business. Unfortunately he ceased operation due to an unrelated external partner. He then took the job as a pontoon and played poker on the side just for relaxation. Realizing that he is making more money playing poker, he has given up his job in pursuit of becoming a professional poker player.

Cloutier’s long-time exposure in business has made him believe that viewing was the key to becoming a successful pro. Watching the opponents’ movements is a skill that overcomes everything out.

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