Roulette glossary of terms

Roulette glossary of terms

You’d be surprised to know just how many Roulette terms start with the letter S. To prove their number, just take a look at some of them along with their definition:

Session Pole – the amount of money a roulette player is willing to play with for each session. Some play with high stakes, while less-aggressive ones keep their stakes low.

Displacement Boss – This is the casino employee who is responsible for a certain length of time, or what we call a shift. He or she handles matters pertaining to casinos until another displacement boss takes his place.

Shill – someone who is paid by the administration to play in their casino to make the games more lively and to look more interesting. Sometimes, they are also hired just to complete the set of players. Signature – the dealer’s ability, of which he is unaware, to place the roulette ball from a certain distance from the last number he has hit.

slots – the numbered or color-coded parts of the roulette wheel where the ball will land after the dealer throws it. Where the ball lands will exactly determine which bet it has won. The split bet – betting in the roulette that on two certain numbers will win on the next round.

Dissemination – the disparity between the lowest and highest bets that the roulette player during the game. A wider spread means that the player actually bets really low and really up at the same session.

Square – the term for a game that is played without any form of cheating. It’s easy to get a roulette square since cheating is very difficult in that game.

Stack – what we call a set of twenty chips in roulette.

The street bet – the bet on the way is as it has broken the bet, but instead of betting that on two certain numbers will win in the next round, the street bet is betting that you on three numbers will win.

The surrender – the roulette rule in which the player loses only half the bet he has placed when the zero or double zero hits. Players very much love this rule, but sadly, only a few casinos play by this rule.

Sweat – a roulette player who is consecutively losing and is likely to lose all his gambling money in a short while. It is called as such because sweating is a sign of nervousness and worry. If you were about to lose your money, would you not even sweat?

Cyrillus Hebbleth