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Bad luck in the game

Superstitious people believe that there are things you can do to increase your luck for your gambling games. According to them, there are also things that you should not do to keep bad luck away from you at the gambling table.

If you are getting ready to go to a gambling house, but a mirror near you breaks into pieces, it is advisable that you post your gambling session. A broken mirror is considered to be a bad omen in the gambling world.

On the other hand, if you are already on your way to the gambling house and a black cat crosses your path, superstitious players would rather go home instead. A black cat is believed to bring bad luck, even not in the gambling world. This belief detaches from the rumors that black cats are actually witches.

As a result, you also try not to bring black to your gaming session. Black is the color to grieve and attracts bad vibes. You do not want bad vides on your gambling game? If you are going to the gambling house to play, bring the colors more cheerful as red.

There is also a belief that a dog that is close to the gambling table is bad luck, so if you are playing at a friend’s house, make sure that his dogs stay away from the gambling table you are playing at.

According to the Chinese, it is not good luck if you are counting your money right at the gambling table. This belief is also observed in the Philippines, where people will warn you right away if you are counting your gambling money at the table.

The Chinese are also particular about touching their shoulders if they are playing. It is believed to bring bad luck on the person whose shoulders have been touched.

Some Americans believe that you should have sex before the gaming session, but the Chinese believes otherwise. They pay attention so that they do not even go out on a date right before the gambling game.

If you see a Chinese enter the gambling house at an entrance other than the main one, do not be surprised. They believe that getting into a gambling house from the main entrance leads to bad luck to their gambling game.

Lastly, the Chinese also avoids getting the casino hotel rooms with the number 4 in it. Number 4 indicates death in Chinese and consequently, it also means bad luck.

Urging Factors to Secure Internet Gambling License

There have been many controversies affecting the Internet gambling industry. One issue with the greatest impact among Internet gambling operators is one that concerns the safety of financial transactions when gambling on the Internet. Some issue is raised against the fraudulent activities taking place on the Internet based gambling establishments. Another issue is the dishonest operations taking place with the gaming software provided by some Internet gambling operators that took advantage of vulnerable online gamblers to lose more in favor of the house.

Because of the tainted image caused by numerous issues regarding gambling online, these urging factors encouraged the formation of license issuing bodies that will formulate and design regulating policies. Through license issuance to gambling operators on the Internet, it boosts more confidence that they are representing a credible online gambling business on the Internet.

It is undeniable that unscrupulous activities are taking place using online gambling as front for a criminal act. Rogue casinos do exist for example. These are operating gambling establishments mainly operating an online casino business. They are called rogue because of the unscrupulous business operations such as delayed or refusal of payments to their winners, using cheating software, falling short with their advertisement claims and poor customer services.

This occurrence is due to the fact that their Internet operation is unregulated. Through licensing, online gamblers are given the protection of playing in legitimate and reputable gambling sites. Not only the general welfare of online gamblers is protected but issuance of license also extends its positive effect of cleaning up the tainted image of the Internet gambling industry.

The issuance of license always comes with regulating procedures and policies that license applicants need to satisfy prior to issuance of their license to operate a gambling business on the Internet. Most licensing bodies conduct thorough inspection with investigative procedures meant to scrutinize the online gambling operator’s capacity to run a gambling business on the Internet.

Most issues concerning online gambling is addressed by license issuance. Safety of financial transaction is imposed to gambling licensees to observe such as employing security measures to protect confidentiality of the records of their online players. Gaming software is also tested by independent teams that check the algorithms of the software used for a random game to promote game fairness.

With efficient auditing procedures conducted by external auditors an online gambling establishment with stable financial capacity to award online gamblers their winnings usually earns a gambling license. With all these concerns addressed through licensing, online gamblers need not worry anymore for becoming an Internet fraud victim when gambling to licensed gambling sites.

Having to meet the regulated standards as a licensed online gambling business, gambling operators on the Internet now presents an aura of being a legitimate, safe, regulated and trustworthy Internet gambling site owing to its license. The urging factors to secure an Internet gambling license finally attained its purpose to improve the quality of industry on Internet gambling.

The eCOGRA Standards for Internet Gambling License

Because of the need for a regulated online gambling industry and to ensure safety of Internet gambling related business for the benefit of public interest, an independent and non-profit organization called eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance or better known as eCOGRA was established.

The main objectives of this independent regulating body are to provide the online gambling population security and protection from illegal gambling activities occurring on the Internet, oversee that online gambling operators uphold fair gaming and observe responsible behavioral conduct engaged in the online gambling industry.

The eCOGRA provides standards that are directed to encourage improved payments, random games, responsible operating procedures and conducts, safe storage of information and honest advertising. online gamblers are assured that efficient services are provided for them with the highest standards by an online gambling operator as an eCOGRA licensee.

All gambling operators who are eCOGRA licensees deliver quality sites to the Internet gambling community. All applicants for the eCOGRA license need to meet high standards that will ensure quality services that online gamblers will enjoy. The eCOGRA have standard policies to meet that qualify a license applicant to merit the approval of the grant of their gambling license.

Independent directors are sent by eCOGRA to determine which software developers are able to meet their standards to qualify to become admitted as eCOGRA official members. The eCOGRA approved gambling sites are mandated to use the gaming software provided by an official eCOGRA member software developer to ensure a fair and random game for its Internet players.

International standards are imposed by eCOGRA applied to its license which marks its online gambling site licensees as prestigious and trustworthy Internet gambling operators. An eCOGRA agent is tasked to frequent a visit to its license applicants and monitor the operations conducted with surprise inspection along the process. This is geared to monitor the efficiency of the conduct of operations by an online gambling site in line with the standards imposed by the eCOGRA regulations.

After painstaking compliance to the set standards and conditions to meet by an Internet gambling site, the eCOGRA seal is finally rewarded to them which carry the seal of approved standards of eCOGRA.

The set standards of eCOGRA regulating body is represented by qualified, professional and well trained teams that compose the investigating bodies and compliance team that continually ensure the monitoring services to its licensees. An audit team with experience to the Internet gambling industry also ties up with eCOGRA responsible of ensuring financial transparency on the operations conducted by eCOGRA members.

The eCOGRA gambling license, with its highest standards and policies imposed to its licensees, made a pronounced declaration that the gambling industry is regulated and gives online gamblers better confidence when gambling on the Internet.

Introducing the Gambling Commission Licensing Body

It is not beyond the general public’s knowledge that the Internet can be flocked with dishonest gambling operators that takes haven from the Internet to victim people with a dishonest online gambling form of entertainment.

There are many operating Internet gambling sites waiting for every chance to grab an opportunity to cheat Internet gamer particularly online gamblers. Since many gambling operators extort money from online gamblers through a dishonest game on the Internet, such is already considered as an act of crime which encouraged the creation of the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act of 2005.

The Gambling Commission was formally established last October 2005 which took over the responsibility of the Gaming Board in Great Britain to regulate casinos, lotteries, the bingo game and gaming machines. The Gambling Commission functions to regulate the gambling industry, to protect vulnerable individuals especially the children from being exploited to gambling and keep crime from taking place in the gambling industry.

Since the Internet can be a place to keep anonymous identity, the minor population became more exposed and often times exploited to participate in gambling activities on the Internet. The Gambling Commission aims to regulate the gambling industry over the Internet to protect the industry from being used to commit dishonest acts and exploitation of minors.

The Gambling Commission is also tasked to give advice to the government on issues concerning gambling. It issues license among Internet gambling operators to make sure that online gamblers are treated fairly with honest gaming software and better quality of services. The license procedure is desirable among Internet gambling operators in order to present a more professional and legitimate online gambling business to their prospective Internet clients.

The Gambling Commission also provides transparency among the gaming software used by gambling operators since its licensee’s software is checked and tested on a regular basis to make sure that online gamblers are playing a fair and honest game.

The aim of the Gambling Commission is to establish a regulating policy that will ensure the public safety when gambling online. Through the requirement of gambling license, dishonest operation and crimes are discouraged to take place in the gambling industry thereby protecting the interest of the general public.

Internet gamblers can be assured to have the option when choosing online gambling sites to play because there is one factor that can help them find a legitimate online gambling site through looking for the gambling operator’s license.

IGC License Code of Conduct for Internet Gambling

With the numerous license giving organizations to gambling operators on the Internet, one of the prestigious regulating agencies is the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). The IGC’s main objective is directed to the promotion of global gaming industry with a uniformly established code of conduct that its members need to observe.

The IGC license support an appropriate mechanism that upholds confidence among its gambling licensees, to the Internet gambling community and the online gambling industry in general. All IGC members are mandated to comply with the code of conduct attached with their membership through their license to IGC.

Different sections of the IGC code of conduct encompass several areas that withstand the challenge to build a credible association of licensed online gambling operators. All IGC members are expected to exercise compliance to applicable laws within the jurisdiction where they conduct their business. As part of the compliance procedure, Internet gambling operators have to secure a license from the local government of the jurisdiction where they operate business and it shall be presented to IGC.

IGC members are also expected to make a reasonable effort in making their gaming software algorithms as random as possible for fair gaming among gambling players on the Internet. IGC member’s software is inspected by independent bodies in order to ensure continued compliance to the IGC’s conduct for fair gaming.

Data protection and information security should be provided by gambling operators to Internet players to maintain confidentiality of all its clients. As mandated by the IGC code of conduct all its licensee are expected to employ security measures to prevent external and internal security breach on their systems data.

As stipulated on the IGC’s code of conduct, all its licensees should publish only accurate information and honest publicity of their services. License holder of IGC should provide only the truthful information regarding the rules on pay out percentages, procedures for registration and all the terms applicable to their business.

Audit trail is also a part of IGC’s license principle where its members should keep a detailed record of all its finances for inspection. An independent team will archive and audit their financial transactions for the sake of transparency with their Internet gambling operation. It also ensures that the gambling establishment has adequate funds for prize pay outs.

Concerning disputes which cannot be resolved within the complainant and the IGC licensed gambling operator level, mediation is usually provided by the IGC to resolve the complaint against its members. Its members should also implement accessibility restrictions to minor and to extend help to problem gamblers.

Any breach of code of conduct of an IGC Internet gambling operator members will result to revoking of their license. Without a license, gamblers are more likely to shun playing from their online site. The impact is so great that online gambling operators cannot afford losing their license.